An Out of Date Website for a Web Developer?

Out of Date Website for a Web Developer and the Cobbler's Kids Have No Shoes

Have you ever heard the saying, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes?” I was reminded of this saying a couple of weeks ago while participating in a twitter chat. I am sorry I can’t remember who tweeted the reference but it definitely struck a nerve with me.


The saying is used to describe the common circumstance where an otherwise successful businessperson provides a service to clients or customers while neglecting their own interest in the same field. The cobbler, or shoemaker, is so busy crafting shoes for his customers that his children do not have any shoes to wear.


As a Website Developer, I have kept myself busy, creating fresh websites for clients, while letting my own website sit neglected and terribly out of date. Sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it, an out of date website for a Website Developer?!


I realize this is not a good business practice. How do I expect to gain new customers if my own website is looking out of date? Will anyone really believe I know what I am doing if my website does not demonstrate those skills? Probably not.


Having recently increased my activity through social media channels, I must admit I am a little embarrassed about what new connections find when they follow my social profiles to my website. That is just no good. Time to change!


What better time than Spring to refresh things and pick up some new and better habits?!


So, here I am, starting the long overdue quest to refresh my own little corner of the web, Over the next few weeks you should see a significant increase in activity here on the website. An updated WordPress theme using Responsive Design are on the way.


I’d would love your input as we go. When you clicked that link to LD CreativeMedia or typed in the url, what did you hope to find? Were you able to locate the information you were looking for? Let me know. You can contact me directly via email of course, or reach out on social media.