Road Work Ahead — Temporary Detours Likely

For the last couple of months, one of the main streets through my Durham neighborhood has been under construction. Small segments of road have been closed to traffic while workers remove decades old asphalt and deteriorating curbing to replace it with a fresh, “new and improved” road surface and better curbing to match. is undergoing a similar transformation. While the old design may still be technically functional, there is room for improvement. Some sections of the site have become a bit out of date and are in need of major attention. The time is right for a fresh look and feel to the site.

To date most of my web design projects have been constructed using html and css for the layout. Many sites have contained a little php here and there and occasionally a Flash animation. With the re-design of, I am adding WordPress to the catalog of available tools.

During the construction phase of the site re-design, the older pages of will continue to be available. If you wish to visit a page that you no longer see via the navigational menu, please visit this older homepage. There you should be able to find the content you were expecting to see here.

I welcome your feedback and comments on the new design and content. If you are looking for a specific project or photos from a particular event, please do not hesitate to contact me.