Re-branding and Website Redesign for Parkwood United Methodist Church

Website Redesign for Parkwood United Methodist ChurchIn 2016, LD CreativeMedia began working with Parkwood United Methodist Church on a re-branding project to bring a stronger cohesiveness across publications and platforms. This branding would carry through from printed publications to the website and would be consistent on social media platforms and elsewhere.

The Parkwood UMC website redesign features a new color scheme and responsive layout.The new church logo is part of a fixed navigation bar at the top of the screen on larger displays. On mobile displays, the logo is also prominent but not in a fixed location due to limited display size.

Website visitors can easily find the latest information on services and programs at Parkwood United Methodist Church and connect to the church’s profiles on social platforms. Monthly newsletters and audio recording of recent sermons are also featured on the church website.